Praise Christian Centre, London | Missions
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Praise Christian Centre Missions

Our Vision For Missions is three fold

-Supporting Missionaries in the field
-Developing and Sending Individuals and Teams From Our Church Community
-Training  Christian leaders In unreached nations of the world

Rwanda Mission

Praise Christian Centre’s mission trip to Rwanda July 2018
‘Empowering The Creative Generation’


This trip is part of our church vision of participation and sending missionaries to the field.
Our trip to Rwanda is particularly important as we have been involved with Rwanda shortly after the genoicide of 1994. As Rwanda is a young country our involvement in the rebuilding of this beautiful country is firstly in training children and youth workers and young leaders who are  the next generation of  leaders. We envision young people and encourage them to release creativity  and their potential through the creative arts.


Our mandate  is underpinned in Psalm 78 to leave a Godly legacy and hope for the next generation.

The Training event and ministry activities focused on teaching the next generation creatively with the truth of God’s word and with values that will exalt their lives and impact their generation.


Mission Trip Highlights
Children & Youth Ministry Training
Community Initiatives Supporting and Serving in local projects
Children’s Evangelistic Party
LOUD ( Live Our Ur Destiny) Youth Concert