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Operating In Authority ---CD Album

Operating In Authority
£ 24.00 each


By Kofi Banful

Check out this teaching.

An awesome teaching based on Luke 10:17-20 which reminds the children of God of the authority they have in Christ against all the attacks of the devil and the ultimate victory provided in their salvation.

Pastor Kofi walks you through the Bible starting from the Old Testament to the New, showing how the authority given to man by God from the beginning was lost through Adam and reinstated by Jesus through His death, burial and resurrection.

He explains why the name of Jesus is such a powerful spiritual weapon and how Jesus earned the power in His name by bestowal, inheritance and conquest, defeating the enemy at all levels of temptation and attack. Since the enemy attacks the believer through thoughts, ideas and suggestions, it is important for the believer to know and understand that he has been given the authority through Christ to tap into this all powerful spiritual tool with confidence.

This indispensable teaching is loaded with so much spiritual truth and insight and is definitely a resource you cannot be without.