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Family, Love & Relationships ---CD Album

£ 32.00 each


Family, Love & Relationships

We were built for relationships, now it’s time to build on that!

By - Kofi & Jayne Banful


Volume 1 & Volume 2 are available to order today. Please visit the Bookshop. 

Order both today and get 10 CDs for the price of 8! 

 About the Message

 In this 10-part series Kofi & Jayne Banful explore the God-given principles for relationships.

These teachings draw on the fundamentals laid out in Genesis 1-3: We have been created for relationships and our first relationship is with God. These teachings explore single relationship, preparation for marriage and the biblical principles that underpin marriage, as well as raising children grounded in Godly principles.

This series will enrich and enhance your relationships whether you are single, married or divorced.

Volume One – 5CDS

  • First Things First
  • Three For The Price of One
  • His Role, Her Role, Finding the Balance
  • Parenting = Grace & Truth
  • Resolving Conflicts

Volume Two – 5CDS

  • Finding Love - Dating
  • Finding Love - Wholeness
  • Communication, Sex & Money (I)
  • Communication, Sex & Money (II)
  • Tough Love